The Arts Oasis

35 West Market Street, Red Hook, NY 12571


Do you long to learn an art that you don't see on our schedule? Let us know, maybe we can arrange a class. Do you seek a collaborator for an arts project? Let us know, there may be someone in our community who is the perfect match for you. Do you need a restful, open space to rehearse? Let us know, our studios are available for rental. The Arts Oasis cultivates connections between people and the arts.

Imagine a place devoted to creativity in the arts, where teachers inspire students, students inspire teachers, and artists inspire each other. That is The Arts Oasis, a multi-arts center in lovely Red Hook, NY. Offering a warm, welcoming space to explore and study a range of artistic disciplines, The Arts Oasis kindles discovery and development in students and teachers. Our aim is to nurture the arts and personal growth at all ages and stages of life.

Children, teens, college students, young adults, parents, grandparents, retirees, professionals and just about anyone else can branch out and grow with us. With excellence in year-round programming, we offer ongoing classes, workshop series, and one-day master classes in visual, literary, wellness, and performing arts. 

Our instructors are drawn from the rich and vibrant Hudson Valley arts scene and beyond. Strongly rooted in their disciplines, they ignite a lifetime love of creativity and the arts.

The Arts Oasis enriches the village of Red Hook and helps sustain local businesses. We enrich the community by welcoming intergenerational and inter-artist collaborations in our collegial environment. We enrich the future by planting a love of the arts in children.

Come to The Arts Oasis, where the arts flourish and souls grow.


The Arts Oasis cultivates a trusting gathering place that sustains education, exploration, collaboration, and personal growth in the arts for all ages

and stages of life